Setup WordPress on VPS Server Using ServerAvatar

It is very difficult for the non-techie person to Install WordPress on Unmanaged Servers. In order to deal with the unmanaged server, you must have some server management skills and you need to invest your time in configuring the server from scratch. ServerAvatar makes it easy to configure and setup WordPress sites without running a single command from Putty or any other SSH tools.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the simple and best way to install WordPress on unmanaged VPS Server. This process will not take more than 3 minutes.

Let’s get into the tutorial.

What is ServerAvatar?

ServerAvatar is a Server Management Platform developed by Adarsh Sojitra. By using ServerAvatar, you can setup WordPress website on unmanaged hosting easily. Even if you have good experience in server administration, it will take at least 3 hours to configure and setup server. But ServerAvatar can do that for you in minutes. Server avatar will give you the flexibility to add multiple WordPress websites to the same unmanaged VPS Server. If you don’t know about unmanaged hosting, check below.

Unmanaged Hosting: Unmanaged hosting is a web hosting plan in which the web hosting provider will provide you a server with operating system only. That means you need to install the required softwares and applications on your server. You need to take care of backups, server issues etc.

For example, to host a WordPress website on an unmanaged server, you need to install softwares like Apache, PHP and MySQL on your server and after that, you have to install WordPress. Even though it is difficult to work with the unmanaged server, it has some good Advantages.

The Advantages of Unmanaged hosting are:

  • check You are the only one utilizing the complete resources of your server.
  • check You can install the softwares based on your requirements.
  • check It is the most cost-effective solution.

Here I’m listing some of the unmanaged web hosting providers which I have personally used.

Why am I recommending Server avatar?

The main reasons for recommending ServerAvatar are:

  • It can save your time and will install WordPress in minutes.
  • Easy to add multiple websites on the same server. So that, it will save your money.
  • Optimized for best performance: Personally, I have handled 17,000 Real-Time traffic and 662,000 page views/day on 4GB Ram DigitalOcean Droplet.

How to Install WordPress on VPS using Server Avatar?

To install WordPress on VPS using ServerAvatar, you need to follow the below steps. To demonstrate this tutorial, I am using DigitalOcean and Bigrock.

1. Create a Server on DigitalOcean

  • Sign up to the DigitalOcean using this link to get $10 Credit.
  • Now click on “Create Droplet” Button. Alternatively, you can click on green color “Create” button on the top right corner and chose droplet. It will take you to the Create droplets page.

create droplet on digitalocean

  • Now choose Ubuntu 16.04 Image under Choose an Image.
  • Choose the size of your droplet. Usually, basic plan (1GB RAM) will be enough for new websites.
  • Enable Backups if you want.
  • Now choose the Server location based on your audience. For example, if you are targeting only Indian audience, you need to choose data center in India.
  • Finally, Name your droplet and click “Create” button.

digitalocean droplet creation

DigitalOcean Droplet Creation

After successful Droplet creation, DigitalOcean will send you an Email which contains your server IP, User Name and Password. These are very important to connect with server avatar. The Email from DigitalOcean should look like this.

digitalocean credentials

DigitalOcean Credentials

2. Point your Domain to Server IP

Now its time to Point your domain to Server. To do that follow these simple steps.

  • Login to your domain control panel.
  • Select the domain in which you want to install WordPress.
  • Click on name servers. A small window will pop up and it will show the existing name servers.
  • Now change the existing name servers into, and and click Update Name Servers

name servers

Changing Name Servers

  • Now go back to DigitalOcean and click on Networking.
  • Now enter your domain name in the text field and click Add Domain. Now your domain will be listed under the Domains like as shown below.

adding domain name to digitalocean

  • Now click on the domain name to manage its DNS record. It will take you to the page which contains a section to create new DNS Records.
  • asterisk Now create DNS records based on your need.

3. Connect your VPS Server with ServerAvatar

You have already created a server on DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 16.04. Now you need to connect your server with ServerAvatar.

  • Login to server avatar Dashboard. If you don’t have a ServerAvatar account, create a one. After successful signing up, login to the dashboard and it will look like this.

serveravatar dashboard

ServerAvatar Dashboard

  • Now Click on Add Server, it will take you to add server page.
  • Now enter your server name, Server IP Address and Root Password. Now click add server button. Now server avatar will configure your server and install required softwares. This process will take few minutes.
  • Once your server is ready, you can access it from server avatar dashboard.

Now you have successfully connected our Server with ServerAvatar.

4. Setup WordPress website using ServerAvatar

It’s time to install WordPress on our Domain. In order to do that, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Now Click on Server Panel of recently added Server. Now it will take you to the server dashboard where you can see server memory, disk space, Server Load, installed applications etc.
  • Now click on Create Application It will take you to a new window.
  • Now Enter Your Application Name and Domain Name.
  • Select WordPress for the Application Type.
  • Now enter your Blog TitleWordPress Username and WordPress Password and click Create Application

setup wordpress using serveravatar

Setup WordPress Using ServerAvatar

That’s all, you have successfully setup WordPress website using ServerAvatar on VPS Server. Now login to your WordPress website, start blogging. 🙂

Final Words

It is always a tough task for the non-technical people to install WordPress on VPS Server. Even for the experts, it will take at least 2-3 hours for configuring the server and installing the WordPress. ServerAvatar will Saves our time and makes server management easy. So I highly recommend you to try ServerAvatar. Finally, I would like to say thanks to Adarsh Sojitra for developing such wonderful server management platform.

I am Divakara Ganesh, Heart and Soul of WPEra. I am a blogging addict, WordPress and Genesis Framework lover, web developer. Apart from blogging, I love to listen music and watch movies.

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