How to Add Falling Snow Effect to your WordPress Website

Have you noticed some websites and blogs adding snowflakes on this Christmas holiday season? Adding falling snow is the most common trend in winter holidays. If you want to add falling snowflake effect to your WordPress blog and you don’t know how to add this snow effect, this tutorial is for you.

How to Add Snowfall Effect to WordPress Website?

You can add snow fall effect to your WordPress blog by installing any one of the following plugins. Here I am sharing the list of top 4 plugins which can create snowfall effect. Most of these plugins come with customizations, so you can choose the right one based on your requirements.

1. WP Super Snow

wp super snow


WP Super Snow is a beautiful falling snow plugin for holiday / Christmas site. This is a free lightweight plugin to display falling snowflakes and it works with jQuery and CSS3. This plugin comes with controls like max snowflake size, snowflake duration and number of snowflakes to process. It also comes with custom snowflake image feature, which allows you to use your own transparent snowflake image.

2. Tribulant Snow Storm

tribulant snow storm


Tribulant Snow Strom is the best plugin to display snowfall effect on your WordPress blog. By using this plugin, you can display snowfall on the entire site or selected pages and posts. This plugin comes with settings like Snow color, Amount of Snow, Animation Interval, Melt effect and Twinkle effect etc.

3. Jetpack – Holiday Snow

jetpack - holiday snow


Jetpack is the most popular plugin which contains lots of modules likes Site Stats, Publicize, Sharing, Comments, and Sitemaps etc. If you already installed Jetpack, you don’t need to install other plugins to display snowfall effect, you just need to activate the module called Holiday Snow. Most of the Jetpack users don’t know about this module. Once you activate this module the snowfalls starts displaying on your site in the holiday period.

Displaying Snowfall with Jetpack is Straight forward. You just need to activate the Holiday Snow module. The main drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t have settings to control the snow.

You can enable this feature alternatively by checking the Snow check box under General Settings of your WordPress dashboard.

adding snow to wordpress

4. WFS Let It Snow

WFS let it snow


This is a wonderful snow plugin which works on Json Brown’s jQuery plugin. This plugin allows to control the flake size, flake speed and type of snowfall i.e., (Light flurry, Medium Flurry, Heavy Flurry and Fade out).

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you to display snowfall effect on your website, because some visitors may feel inconvenience. So it’s up to you to decide whether to display snowfall or not.

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